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day or night the gardens are spectacular you will find it hard  to believe the wonderful worlds that are hidden behind adobe walls .The word paradise  actually comes from the Persian word that means a walled garden come join us at casa de las flores and enjoy  our effort  at a bit of paradise . this is a photo of one of the garden paths from your rooms that leads to our terrace garden Bar and the main house and common rooms
A photo of your hosts and more of the wonderful casa de las flores team as we wait to assist the birthday girl into her party carriage. With 7 delightful garden suites and an entourage of 10 people to assist you , you will not find such personalized service and special attention except at much more expensive properties. Come enjoy our casual elegance , unique style, delightful eccentricity and special attention to detail we have become famous for. But most of all come enjoy yourself and more of Mexico.